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Opening hours
Most shops are open from Monday to Friday between 9.30AM or 10.00AM until 14.00PM and from 16.30PM or 17.00 PM until 20.00 PM. A high percentage of shops (specially small ones) are closed on Saturday afternoons and Sundays, though in tourist areas you might find them open everyday and even until 22.30PM, without closing at lunch time.

Department stores and some big shops in cities have a continued opening timetable from 10.00AM to 21.00PM and might be open one Sunday of every month, generally the first one.

What to buy
In big cities you can find all sorts of products, both national or international. If you are interested in typical regional products you will also be able to find them in cities. To get an overview of these matters you can visit our shopping page at SoftguideMadrid.
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Galicia: In 'A Coruña' you can buy ceramics from Sargadelos. In this region you can find fine works of chesnut and hazel basketwork that make nice and practical home items. Broidery is another traditional handwork worth looking at.

Asturias and Cantabria: Wooden and basketwork objects, forest handcrafted products. In Asturias you will find the very characteristic cider, cheese and white beans. Cantabria has exceptional anchovies and Bonito del Norte' (a kind of tuna fish).

País Vasco and Navarra: The 'botas' (a leather container for wine) are famous.Anchovies from Zarautz, the 'Bonito del Norte', pepers and asparagus from Navarre.

Castilla-León: Horse-riding seats and other leather craftswork. In Palencia and Zamora they have excellent pure wool blankets. In Salamanca, capes. Bierzo area in León offers good wines, liquors, and pulses. In the 'Meseta' (plateau) pulses and cured meat products. You can buy good ham in Salamanca. There is plenty of bakery to choose from, all of it delicious. Very well known are the wines of the 'Ribera del Duero'.

Rioja: The world famous Rioja wines.

Aragón: Ceramics with arabic influence in blue and white tiles. In Teruel ceramics changes to greens and purples.

Castilla-La Mancha: Pottery and ceramics cooking items. Talavera de la Reina is the most popular town for ceramics in this region for its colour palettes (blues, greens, yellows, oranges, and black). In Toledo you will find handwork in metal, esculptures, swords, jewels and the like. Almagro stands as a good place for textile and broidery, Albacete is famous for knifemaking, like the ones of the brand "Arcos" that have received important design awards.

Andalucía: Everything related to famenco dance and sevillanas' (traditional dance style) dresses. Much brodery and textile handwork. Arab reminiscent ceramics, leather items at the town of Ubrique and basketwork.

Murcia: Form these region come most of the ceramic models figures that decorate home representations of Christmas.

Comunidad Valenciana: Leather work and shoemakers.

Catalonia: In Barcelona —like in Madrid— you can find almost everything. Sometimes you will even find presents or fashion that you couldn't find in the capital. Many global fashion companies decide to open shops in Barcelona first. A good shop for design presents in Barcelona is Vinçon.

Balearic islands: Footwear. In this islands originate names like Camper or Farrutx. Pearls of Mallorca are very famous. Generally leather work, and handwork abound. In this region an 'Ibiza' wear style was born with white translucent light clothes.

Canary Islands: Basketwork, broidery, woodwork and sea products.

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