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leon crystal

Artwork inside León's cathedral.

segovia alcazar
View of Astorga (León)

Gothic architecture in Ávila.

valladolid film festival
Poster of the International Film Festival of Valladolid.

valladolid monastery
Monastery of the 'Huelgas Reales' isn Valladolid

palencia art

San Martin's church in Fromista (Palencia)


Monument of 'Arcos de San Juan de Duero' (Soria)

Hoces de Duratón (Segovia) Natural park.


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Located at the center of the Iberian peninsula this geographical area concentrates one of Spain's most important historical and artistic heritages. It is formed by nine provinces: Ávila, Burgos, León, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, Soria, Valladolid and Zamora.

Murallas de Ávila
Tourism office:
Plaza de la Catedral, 4. Ávila.
Tel. 920 21 13 87



Celebrations: 'Santa Teresa', from October 12th to 18th.
Birth place of Santa Teresa de Jesús.
city walls, cathedral, 'Dávila' palace, 'Básilica de San Vicente', 'Real Monasterio de Santo Tomás', 'Los Cuatro Postes', 'Convento de la Encarnación', 'Convento de San José o de las Madres' and 'Convento de la Santa'.
Abulense (from Ávila) food is simple but tasty. Their pork roasts are sublime. Also good are trouts and beef. Some pastry deserves special attention: 'Yemas de Santa Teresa', 'Huesillos fritos' and the 'Glorias de Ávila'. Wine from Cebreros is known for its taste and strong push.

burgosCathedral in Burgos
Tourism office:

Plaza de Alonso Martínez, 7. Burgos.
Tel. 947 20 31 25

Celebrations: 'San Lesmes Abad', January 30th. 'San Pedro', June 29th.
Highlights: Monastery of 'Santo Domingo de Silos' (58 Km. from Burgos city) an achitecture hidden marvel, 'Hoces del Sobrón', 'Miranda de Ebro' (80 Km. from Burgos).
cathedral, 'Real Monasterio de las Huelgas', 'La Cartuja de Miraflores', church of 'Santa Dorotea', 'Arco de Fernán González', 'Solar del Cid'.
Burgos has a very good and complete gastronomy. One should try the roast suckling lamb, the 'olla podrida', 'lentejas a la burgalesa' or the 'trucha a la castellana'. 'Chorizo' and 'morcilla' (blood pudding) are typical for this area, fresh cheese or 'Queso de Burgos' and goat cheese. In patisserie: 'almendras de Briviesca', 'yemas de Burgos' or 'empiñonados de Aranda del Duero'. Ribera del Duero region produces excellent red and rosè wines, some of the best in Spain.

leonCathedral in León

Tourism office:

Plaza Regla, 4. León (opposite to the cathedral).
Tel. 987 23 70 82

Celebrations: 'Fiestas de San Juan' and 'San Pedro', June 21st to 30th. 'Virgen del Camino', September 16th. On October 5th 'Romerías a la Virgen del Camino'. Easter celebrations.
Areas of 'El Bierzo', 'Médulas', the 'Maragatería' in Astorga (50 Km. from León city ) and 'tierra de Campos'.
the cathedral and its museum (possibly the most impressive cathedral in Spain), 'Real Colegiata de San Isidoro', 'Convento de San Marcos', 'Casa de Botines (by Gaudí)', Palace of the 'Condes de Luna', convent of 'San Francisco'.
'Botillo del Bierzo' or 'cecina de León' rank among the most typical and tasteful dishes. Cured pork products such as chorizo, jamón (cured ham), jabalí (wild pork) and also some small-game dishes complete a rich meat choice. Trout from rivers in Ponferrada and Bierzo have also a reputation in the area. In bakery, the 'yemas de León', 'mantecadas' or the 'cocido maragato de Astorga', 'frutas en almíbar del Bierzo', 'imperiales de La Bañeza' and 'nicarones de Boñar' are the favorites of sweet toothed people.

palenciaCathedral in Palencia
Tourism office:

Mayor, 105. Palencia
Tel. 988 74 00 82

Celebrations: 'San Antolín', September 2nd. 'Virgen de la Calle' on February 2nd.
Highlights: once host to Spain's oldest university founded in 1208 by Alfonso VIII. Romanic art in Fromista.
the cathedral, church of 'San Miguel', the 'Plaza Mayor' (main square), 'Santa Clara' monastery, 'San Pablo' convent, episcopal palace, 'Cristo de Otero', church of 'San Francisco', church of 'San Lazaro'.
the most traditional dish is the 'menestra', prepared with a high quality mountain-beef and the superb vegetables that grow in this place.

salamancaFacade of the university in Salamanca
Tourism office:

Pl. Mayor, 14. Salamanca.
Tel. 923 279 124

Celebrations: 'San Juan de Sahagún', June 12th. 'Virgen de la Vega', September 8th.
university atmosphere and students scene. Monument-city part of UNESCO's World Heritage.
old and new cathedrals, church of 'San Esteban', university buildings, 'Plaza Mayor' and the 'Casa de las Conchas'.
the 'chanfaina' and the 'calderillo' are typical dishes of Salamanca, but one should also try the 'cabrito asado' (goat roast) or the 'cuchifrito'. Some of the best 'jamón ibérico' (cured ham) can be found in Guijuelo. This is te part of Spain with the largest ham and cured pork products production. Bakery has also deep roots here. Worth trying are the 'almendras garrapiñadas' (caramel almonds) or the 'bollo maimón'.

segoviaThe Alcázar in Segovia
Tourism office:

Pl. Mayor, 10. Segovia.
Tel. 921 460 334

Celebrations: 'San Frutos', October 25th. 'San Juan' and 'San Pedro', June 24th to 30th. Easter processions on holy Friday and Sunday.
'Hoces del Duratón' (natural enclave), 'La Granja de San Ildefonso' (palaces 11 Km. from Segovia), towns of 'Pedraza de la Sierra' and 'Sepúlveda'.
Roman aqueduct (a masterpiece), the Alcázar, the cathedral, church of 'San Esteban', church of 'El Salvador', church of 'San Juan de los Caballeros', church of 'San Martín'.
Segovia's speciality are roasts, mainly pork (suckling) and lamb, but don't forget the also excellent 'judiones de la Granja' or the trout. As dessert try the goat cheese with honey or the typical 'tarta ponche'.

soriaChurch of Santo Domingo in Soria
Tourism office:
Plaza Ramón y Cajal, 2. Soria.
Tel. 975 21 20 52

Celebrations: 'San Saturio' on October 1st to 5th. If June 24th is a Thursday (or if not the nearest Thursday) and until the following Monday you will be able to attend 'La Saca': Friday's 'toros' (bulls), on Saturday the 'Agés', on Sunday the 'de calderas' and on Monday the 'bailas'. Very folkloric and lively celebration.
Arqueological ruins in Tiermes, ruins of the Celtiberian city of 'Numancia' in Garray, 8Km. away from Soria. The town of 'Berlanga de Duero' (9 Km. from Soria), with its castle and medieval houses. The 'Burgo de Osma' headquaters to the bishop of the province with historic and artistic monuments.
Co-cathedral of 'San Pedro', church of 'Nuestra Señora de la Soledad', church of 'San Saturio', church of 'San Juan de Rabanera', Palace of the Counts of Gomara, Numantine museum, 'Colegiata de Santa María del Mercado', the castle , Palace of the 'Marqueses de Berlanga', 'Puerta de Aguilera' and 'La Picota'.
Grilled smoked trout. Exquisit river crabs cooked in the traditional Soria way, good partridge, quail and grilled beef. 'Alubiones de Burgo de Osma', with 'oreja' (pork's ear), níscalos (mushrooms), chorizo de Soria (grilled chorizo) or 'migas a la pastora'. A natural product with reputation is butter. As to pastries one should taste the 'mantecadas de Soria' or the 'Yemas de Almazán'.

valladolidChurch of San Pablo
Tourism office:
Plaza Zorrilla, 3. Valladolid.
Tel. 983 35 18 01

Celebrations: 'San Pedro Regalado', May 13th. 'San Mateo', September 15th-23rd.
houses where Cervantes, Columbus or Zorrilla lived. The monastery of 'Las Huelgas Reales'. Easter celebrations are very special.
church of 'San Pablo', 'Colegio de San Gregorio', cathedral, 'Plaza Mayor' and the university.
garlic soups and 'lechazo' (a roast) with an excellent bread named 'lechuguino' and local wines like 'Blanco de Serrada', 'La Seca', 'Nava del Rey', 'Pozáldez' or the famous wine from 'Rueda'. Red wines from 'Ribera del Duero', 'Sardón', 'Valbuena', 'Quintanilla and Peñafiel', or 'clarete', a variety specially produced in this region coming from the towns of Fuensaldaña, Lucientes, Renedo, Cabezón, Corcos and mainly in Cigales.

zamora Cathedral in Zamora
Tourism office:

Santa Clara, 20. Zamora.
Tel. 988 53 18 45

Fiestas: 'San Pedro' ,June 29th. 'Virgen de la Concha', July 5th.
'Semana Santa' (Easter) in Zamora is one with the highest reputation in the region.
cathedral, church of 'San Claudio', churches of 'San Pedro' and 'San Ildefonso', 'Santa Maria la Nueva' and the church of 'La Magdalena' .
'sopa de boda' (literally 'wedding soup'), 'monje de Aliste', 'trucha escabellada' (trout), 'Asado de Dios nos libre' (literally 'God forgive us roast', a lamb's leg roast with garlic and natural juices), 'huevos sayaguesa' with blood pudding included, 'Sanatonada' (white beans stew with chorizo and porks fat). Famous Toro wines come from this area. Among the long tradition of pastry we will mention the 'rebojo casero', 'bizcocho borracho en almibar' and the 'astillas almendradas', a delicious milk cream with eggs and almonds.

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