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Tourism of Andalucía

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The Vía Augusta, was a key path in the Roman empire's communications.

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Flamenco is the highest expression of Andalusian Folklore. during the summer you can attend important festivals of singing and dance.

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Ceramic from the Triana nighbourhood in Sevilla


Andalusian Tourism office

Andalucía-es.com (Spanish, English),
(Spanish, English)
Andalucía directory (Spanish)
Betic-Roman route: Old roman pathway
Andalusian Heritage
Pablo Picasso Foundation, his birth place

Spain's Costa del Sol attracts millions of visitors every year. This Costa del Sol guide describes all the main resorts and provides recommendations of things to do and places to go whilst you're there.

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Andalucía is the region of Spain that attracts most tourism. Its good weather and unique history make it a perfect destination for short or long visits alike. Andalucía is composed of eight provinces: Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga and Sevilla. Being the region's capital, Sevilla is today the city in Andalucía with more social activity and political importance.

Andalucía is huge in nature and landscapes. Some open-air recommendations are the 'Doñana National' park and the 'Sierra de Aracena' in Huelva, the 'Sierra Norte' in Sevilla, the 'Puerto de Despeñaperros' in Jaén, the 'Cabo de Gata' natural park in Almería; there is also picturesque nature around Baeza, Úbeda and Cazorla in Jaén.

ALMERIA . almeria hotels
Las Negras beach, at Cabo de Gata .

General information: Almería has a desertic look and dry climate climate. Its economy comes mainly from the inmense fields of greenhouses one can see spreading all around the province an that have had a strong environmental impact. Almería is a large exporter of vegetables to the EU. Besides the roughness of its interior landscape, the coast ranks amongst the most beautiful in Andalucía, with interesting volcanic and geological forms in some cases.
Cabo de Gata. Eastern villages. Towns worth visiting are San José or Mojacar, on the coast.
Monuments: cathedral at Alemería city, the Alcazaba, San Pedro's church , Santiago church, Roman bridge of 'La Garrofa', 'San Juan' church, 'Santo Domingo' monastery, city walls.
Food: soup of Almería, 'migas', 'pimentón' (ground red pepper), 'guruños', marinated pork meat, local fish like 'pargo' (delicious when grilled or with rice). Arab pastries: alfajores, soplillos, roscos of anís.

cadiz hotelsCathedral in Cádiz .

City Hall of Cádiz (Spanish)
Province government of Cádiz (Spanish)
City Hall of Jerez (Spanish):
Jérez guide (Spanish, English, German)

General information: 885.433 inhabitants, surface 7.385 Km2.
Located between Huelva and Málaga, Cádiz is the most southern province of the Iberian peninsula. Its coastline has the privilege to be washed both by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
Highlights: Carnival (one of the largest in Spain) full of colour and party atmosphere. Picturesque towns: Arcos de la Frontera, Ubrique, Tarifa, San Lúcar de Barrameda and Jeréz de la Frontera.
Monuments: in Cádiz city, the cathedral, Fine Arts Museum, City Hall and Viña neighourhood.
Food: Interesting varieties of fish and sea food, some local like the 'acedía' or the 'urta' and the more usual 'dorada', 'pargos', 'róbalos', 'salmonetes', 'lenguados' and seafood like the popular 'langostinos from San Lúcar' (shrimps). Deep-frying is a typical speciality so we suggest you taste the deep-fried 'pijota' or 'boquerones'. There are also some stews like the 'chocos' or 'habas', 'hurta a la roteña', 'caballa asada con piriñaca' (type of roasted fish with vegetable mixture in sauce). There are local cheeses like the goat cheese of Grazalema and among other desserts you can find the 'tocinos de cielo', alfajores de Medina or Cadiz's turrón, all from Arab origin. In wines you will find a big selection of sherry wines in its different types (manzanilla, fino, amontillado, oloroso) or sweet wines like the moscatel or the superb 'Pedro Ximénez'. The town of San Lúcar de Barrameda produces the famous Barbadillo, an ideal white wine to combine with deep-fried fish.

cordoba hotelsMezquita .

Highlights: The economy of the region is based on the olive farming, cereals, viticulture and tourism.
Monuments: Mezquita-cathedral, Alcazar of the Catholic Kings, the sinagoge and the 'Julio Romero de Torres' museum, all in Córdoba city.
Food: 'migas serranas', 'cochifrito de cabrito' and 'caldereta de cordero', 'revueltos de espárragos' (sort of asparagus in scrambled eggs) and 'guisos de setas' (mushroom stews), 'estofado de rabo de toro' (bull's tail casserole), 'habichuelas con perdiz', goat cheeses and ham, 'gazpacho', 'salmorejos' and 'carneretes'. For breakfast toasts with olive oil, which they also use in bakery like 'flores' and 'pestiños', almond breads and 'Alfajores' from Montilla.

GRANADA .granada hotels
Alhambra view .

City Hall of Granada (Spanish)
Province government of Granada
Turism of Almuñecar (Spanish, English)
Turismo de Almuñecar (Spanish, English, French, German)

General information: 742.000 inhabitants, surface de 12.531 Km2
Highlights: awsome sunsets in front od the Alhambra seen from the neirgbourhood of Albaicín.
Monuments: Alhambra and the Generalife, 'La Cartuja' monastery , Albaicín and Sacromonte areas as well as the 'Cuesta del Chapiz'.
Food: there's an old and strong tradition of 'tortilla al Sacromonte' (a type of omelette) and 'habas fritas con jamón' (fried white beans with ham). Also traditional is the 'remonjón de naranja y bacalao' or the 'gachas pimentonas'. In bakery 'piononos de Santa Fe' are a must, the 'Torta Real from Motril' or the 'Tarta de Almendra' (almond cake). Don't forget to try the 'Roscos de Loja' and the 'Pestiños de Vélez'.

HUELVA . huelva hotels
Romería .

General information: 400.000 inhabitants, surface es de 10.085 Km2
Very close to the the Algarve area in Portugal. Spain's most vaued natural park 'Parque Nacional de Doñana' sits in this region. Great beaches at Punta Umbría or Matalascañas.
Jamón de Jabugo (Jabugo ham) is the best ham one can buy in Spain or so they say. Seafood of all kinds is abundant like 'gambas' (shrimps), 'langosta' (lobsters), 'cigalas', 'chopitos' and 'coquinas'. Local fish is the basis for many traditional dishes like: 'tollos con tomates', 'sardina en pimentilla', 'atún en tomate' (tuna with tomato), 'raya en pimentón', 'pargo encebollado', 'chocos' (type of squid) with beans, 'aguja palá' (swordfish in vinager) or the 'rubio con patatas'. Inland products are many and varied as the 'gurumelo' (a mushroom), fresón (a big kind of strawberry), melons and watermelons, peaches and quinces. Fine sherry wines and aromatic wines are produced in the areas of Condado, Bollullos and La Palma or 'moscatel' in Moguer.

jaen hotelsCathedral .

City Hall of Jaén (Spanish)
Tourism Jaén (Spanish, English, French, German)

General information: 661.146 inhabitants, surface 13.498 Km2.
Jaén is one of the poorest regions in Spain, with an economy based on olive farming and minery.
cathedral, Arab baths, castle of Santa Catalina, the Sagrario church, San Juan church and the monastery of Santa Úrsula.
Food: food coming from large-game and small-game, like wild rabbit or partridge; fish: 'Pescado en escabeche' (pickled fish); orchard dishes: Jaen's style spinach, beans, 'patatas a lo pobre' (potatoes poor-people's syle), and 'encebollado de tomate y bacalao' (onions, tomatoes and cod dish); like in most Andalucía, pork, blood pudding, chorizo and the like are excellent.
In wines we recommned those of Lopera and Porcuna that belong to the 'amontillado' type, as well as the ones from Bailén and Torreperogil, (Valdepeñas kind).

MÁLAGA. malaga hotels
Aquatic park in Málaga .

Tourism (Spanish, English, French, German, Italian):
Province government de Málaga (Spanish)
Tourism information Costa del Sol (Spanish, English, French, German)

General information: 854.000 inhabitants, surface 7.276 Km2.
one of the largest Spanish ports in the Mediterranean coast.
cathedral, cahtedral museum, Episcopal palace, Alcazaba and Fine Arts Museum.
Food: 'Pescaito frito' (deep fried fish), gazpacho, soups, 'ajo blanco' (white gazpacho) with grapes. Traditional dishes are the "porra antequerana", and the bull's tail with beans. The most well known local wine is the sweet wine from Málaga.

seville hotelsThe Giralda .

General information: 1.393.000 inhabitants, surface 14.001 Km2.
Easter religious processions. Feria de Abril. Tapas eating at Triana neighbourhood, ceramics of Triana, the Macarena, Santa Cruz or Los Remedios (churches), walking the Sierpes street or the riverside to the 'Torre del Oro' (tower of gold), the Isla Mágica park.
Plaza de España, the Giralda, cathedral, the Alcázar, the 'Básilica de la Macarena', Archivo de las Indias, Arenal, 'Plaza de Toros' (bullring) and María Luisa park.
Food: gazpacho, pescados fritos (fried fish), tapas (olives, ham, shrimps), pumpkin stew, cod, and in Summer 'salmorejo' and salads. Sherry wines and wines from Montilla.
Dulces de convento (pastry made by nuns), torrijas (fried milk bread) in Easter.

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