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As a tourist you are always entitled to:

  • Free access to all places that provide tourist information, prices and conditions, previos to signing any contract.
  • Have a hard copy of all the documentation necessary concerning tourism services or products, including the conditions of a contract.
  • To be given all invoices for products and services acquired legally.
  • Access to a complaints book. All registered estabishments must have a complaints book (actually it's a form called 'Libro de reclamaciones') where clients can file complaints. In order to file a complaint, you have to ask for the form in which —after filling your personal information— you will be able to declare your concerns. This form has to be sent to the Dirección General de Turismo (Turism General Board):
    • Dirección General de Turismo
      Servicio de Inspección de la Consejería de Economía y Empleo
      Príncipe de Vergara, 132
      28002 Madrid
  • Don't forget to include the documentation, or a copy of it, related to your complaint (contract, ticket, advertisement, etc.)

We recommend you keep all your payments documentation until the end of your trip or even until you can verify your card payments at home.

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