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Don't carry too much money (cash) on you.
You can leave it on the safe at te hotel if necessary.
Write down the telephone numbers to cancel your credit cards in case of theft by pickpockets.
Do not withdraw money from a cash machines in lonely isolated streets.

See a comment of one of our customer in Madrid:
"... watch out for small local children pickpocketing or taking your mobile phone off the table in the local bars. Local police not bothered about tipsy british people reporting crimes..."


Call 112
112 is the central emergencies telephone (no charge)
for any emergency: police, firemen, ambulance, accidents, ...

24h hour service pharmacies
INSALUD (National Health Service)
AIDS Foundation Spain 900 111 000 (no charge)

Policía Nacional (national police): 091
Guardia Civil (road police): 062
Apart from these , every municipality has its
own local police called the "Policía Municipal"

Credit card loss/theft (cancellations)
American Express: 902 37 56 37
Eurocard-Mastercard: 900 97 1231 (no charge)
Diners' Club: 902 40 11 12

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  • Don't carry large amounts of money on you. You can leave valuable objects and money at the hotel's safe. However theft occurs sometimes (mainly by pickpockets in crowded areas). Lock your hotel rooms properly when you leave.
  • In restaurants and shops, in public tansport, in flea markets, trains stations and airports, keep always a good grip on your bags and don't leave your belongings unattended.
  • Don't let yourself be fooled into street bargains or betting.
  • When possible go with other people and in crowded areas wear your bag across your body (over your neck) in case someone feels like 'pulling' it from you.
  • At night watch out in dark lonely streets and try to always keep people in sight. Don't bother talking to strangers. Avoid eye contact to people that inquire you in a weird way, if they are drunk or those you don't trust.
  • Don't leave any valuables inside your car. If you have to leave your luggage in the car, try finding a pay-parking space indoors or leave it on a busy spot on a busy street.
  • If you are a victim theft/crime you can call 091 (police) or 112 (emergencies).
  • If you happen to be threatened with a weapon (rare), we recommend you give out your money. It's not worth geting hurt.
We recommed to travel having a health insurance that can provide medical assistance. EU members have agreements for exchange of health services while they are in another EU member state but they need the appropiate EU form from their country of origin. The main private health insurances in Spain are: SANITAS, ADESLAS and MAPFRE.

You will find pharmacies in all towns in Spain. Opening hours are 9.30AM to 14.00PM and de 17.00PM to 20.00PM. Outside from that timetable you can always look for the 24h service pharmacies (that rotate in their duty). All pharmacies display at the door the nearest 24 hours service ones. You will also find a list on newspapers.


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