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Main Museums:

Museo del Prado (Madrid)
Museo Thyssen (Madrid)
Museo Reina Sofía (madrid)
Museo Arte Catalunya (Barcelona)
Museu Picasso (Barcelona)
Museu Arte Contemporáneo (Barcelona)
Centro Cultura Contemporánea (Barcelona)
Museo Guggenheim (Bilbao)
Museo Dalí Figueras
Alhambra in Granada (sales tickets)

Ministerio de Cultura > Museos

Festival Internacional de Santander(music, opera, ballet) in Cantabria, July and August.
Festival de Teatro de Mérida in Extremadura. At the Roman Theater. June to August.
Festival de Teatro Clásico de Almagro, in La Mancha. July.
'Festival de Otoño'. Theater festival in Autumn in Madrid
Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián. September.
Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid. October.

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Velázquez Meninas
Carnival in most towns and cities. The most famous is the Carnaval in Cádiz (Andalucía), but the most sensational is the Carnaval of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the one in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (both in the Canary Islands). In Lanz (Navarra) they have a singular carnival, like the peculiar one in Villanueva de la Vera (Extremadura).

March: Las Fallas de Valencia in the Comunidad Valenciana is a much awaited year event with huge sculptures of cartón being burned down to ashes in huge bonfires. From March 12th to 19th.

April: Easter processions in most big cities and small towns of the country. We highly recommended seeing Easter in Sevilla (the city is packed so book well in advance) and Málaga (Andalucía). Valladolid, Zamora or León (in Castilla-León), Murcia, and Cuenca (in Castilla-La Mancha) have also a long tradition of Easter celebrations.

Celebrated since 250 years ago 'The Moores and the Christians' from April 22nd to 24th in Alcoy (Alicante, in the region of Valencia), in honour of 'San Jorge', is a view of the battles between Arabs and Christians that took place in the region centuries ago. Of touristic interest.

PicassoIn Sevilla the 'Feria de Abril' (April's Fair) takes place one or two weeks after Easter. Its a traditional celebration of deep Andalusian values: Sherry wine, sevillanas, flamenco and loads of traditional wear.

May: 'Romerías' like 'El Rocío', consist in a traditional procession that originates in different locations in Andalucía —riding on horses and carriages— that finishes in the church of the 'Virgen del Rocío' in Almonte, Huelva. This pilgrimage lasts days.

'Corpus Christi' in Toledo, processions of much symbollic tradition.

June: Night of 'San Juan' (Saint John) with night bonfires like those in San Pedro Manrique (in the province of Soria, in Castilla-León), the 'Caragols de Ciutadella' in Menorca (Balearic Islands) and the famous 'Hogueras de San Juan' in Alicante. June 20th to 29th.

July: San Fermines del 6 al 14, en Pamplona (Navarra). A world famous celebration that became internationally popular through the writings of Ernest Heminway: "At noon of Sunday, the 6th July, the fiesta exploded. There is no other way to describe it". The youngsters run in front of the bulls each morning. Little sleep and a city flooded by people dressing completely in white except for a red cloth around their necks.

August and September: Most villages and rural areas have celebrations this month, many of which originated from the thanks-giving for the harvest.

October 12th 'Fiesta del Pilar', in Zaragoza (Aragón).

December: Christmas celebrations and new year's eve. It is traditional in cities like Madrid to have big family dinners on the 31st and then go to parties all nigt long only to have breakfast after.

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