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It is compulsory to validate your ticket for every journey. You just have to introduce it into the validating machines at the entrance gates in every metro station. If you have any problem go to the nearest ticket office.
You can buy metro and bus tickets in any metro station, either at the ticket machines or in the office, both in the hallway.

For more information see the Madrid Transport website (in English)

The metro runs from 6.00 am to 1.30 am. The frecuency of trains is high, even in the rush hour people circulate. After closing time there is a service of night buses (called buhos). At weekends there is the Metrobuho, a bus service which runs the same routes as the metro lines.

Be warned - busy metro stations are popular spots for pick-pockets. Even though the metro has a good security system, it is always a good idea to be specially watchful in the underground. All stations are equipped with interphones at the plattforms, in case you need to contact the metro personnel.

There are traveller information offices at the metro stations of the terminals T2, and T4, at Nuevos Ministerios, at Avenida de América and at the Atocha station. There you can get a lot of the data about Madrid transport and maps of the metro, the city, etc.

Their official website is (in Spanish only).
Metro information telephone: 902 444 403

Madrid's metro network is one of the largest in the world. It is no doudt, the best and fastest way to get round the city. Besides, it is cheap, reasonably clean and efficient. Metro stations are indicated by the red, blue and white icon shown on this page on the left. The metro covers most of Greater Madrid, extending to areas far from the center, as for instance line 8 which goes to the airport.
Due to its extension there are several ticket areas, that is, you pay different fares in the different metro zones, and depending on whether you move from one to the other or not. But most tourists won't move from zone A, that is, Madrid City -except when travelling to the airport-. So, most likely, you will just need a tickets to travel in METROMADRID.
Softguides carries a full metro map to view, download or print.


  • METRO MADRID: Madrid city. Ticket zone A. It is the only one you need as a tourist.
  • TFM: Line 9 between Rivas Vaciamadrid (zone B1 and B2) and Arganda del Rey (zone B3).
  • MetroSur: It is the Metro network in the towns of Alcorcón, Leganés and Getafe (zone B1), Móstoles and Fuenlabrada (zone B2) and the stations Joaquín Vilumbrales and Puerta del Sur in line 10.
  • MetroNorte: Part of line 10 between the stations La Granja and Hospital del Norte (zone B1).
  • MetroEste: The stretch of line 7 between Barrio del Puerto and Hospital del Henares (zone B1).
  • ML1: It is the Metro Ligero network in ticket zone A in Madrid city.


  • Single ticket MetroMadrid and ML1 : Valid for one journey in the MetroMadrid and ML1 area (zone A).
  • Metrobús and ML1- 10 journey ticket: Valid for 10 journeys in MetroMadrid, ML1 or in Madrid urban buses. Best value for a few days visit.
  • Combinado Metro ticket : Valid for one journey in all the Greater Madrid metro network.
  • From/to the airport: tickets to terminals T1, T2, T3 and T4 have a supplementary charge which can be paid on arrival at the metro station or bought included in the valid ticket fare. Travellers who have a Tourist Pass or the AENA card needn't pay this extra charge
  • Other metro zones: - TFM, Metrosur, Metronorte, Metroeste- have their own single and 10 journey tickets.
  • TOURIST TRAVEL PASS: Ideal for tourists, this travel pass allows you to use all transport in Madrid during a determined number of days (1, 2, 3, 5 o 7). There are two versions: just for zone A or also for zone T (which includes the whole Madrid Region, Guadalajara and Toledo)
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