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Madrid has two principle long distance railway stations, Atocha and Chamartín.

Atocha is used for most destinations to the south and west of the country, the high speed AVE trains which travel to Cordoba and Sevilla and also serves as the hub of the Cercanías local train network.

Chamartín serves as the station for trains headed east and north. Many trains stop at both stations, so you can often chose whichever is most convenient. Keep in mind that Atocha is closer to the city center.
Tickets and scheludes can be obtained in the train stations, the RENFE (Spanish national railway) office on calle Alcalá, or from a travel agent.

    RENFE (Spanish national railway)
    Information and reservations (including AVE trains) 902 24 02 02
    Internacional information 902 24 34 02

    Alcalá, 44
    Metro: Atocha Renfe
    Zone: Cortes
    Map: J-9
    Further information can be found at www

    Info E-mail:

Atocha railway station
(Estación de Atocha)
Glorieta del Emperador Carlos V
Metro: Atocha Renfe
Zone: Atocha
Map: M-20 or see 5 on the center overview map.

Atocha is the largest and most used train station. The photo shows the front of the old Atocha station now renovated and converted into a sort-of botanical garden for high humidity plants. The trains now arrive into a modern station attached to the rear of the one shown in the photo.

Note that there is a separate metro station named Atocha, which IS NOT directly connected with the train station.

Inside the station is the 'Puerta de Atocha' the place from the AVE departures to Andalucía.
Also this is the main station for trains to Levante, and some for the North of Spain, that stop 15 minutes after in Chamartín

Chamartín railway station
(Estación Chamartín)
Agustín de Foxá
Metro: Chamartín
Zone: Chamartín

In the north of the city. From this station trains go to the North of Spain, although some of them stops also in Atocha.

Príncipe Pío - Norte
Paseo de la Florida, corner Cuesta de San Vicente.
Metro: Norte

Nowadays this totally restored this station is for the "Cercanías" trains. Near the Plaza de España. See the cercanías map.

Paseo de Recoletos
Plaza de Colón.
Metro: Colón
Map: M-4

Cercanías station between the Cibeles and Colón.

Nuevos Ministerios
Castellana corner Raimundo Fernández Villaverde.
Metro: Nuevos Ministerios

Close to the Azca financial area and the Bernabéu soccer stadium