Food Dictionary

A brief Spanish-English culinary dictionary to make eating out in Madrid a little easier.
Why not print it off and carry it with you?
Aceite: oil
Aceituna: olive
Acelgas: swiss chard, silverbeet
Adobo: marinated
Afoga el pitu: a type of cheese
: water
Aguacate: avocado
Aguardiente: distilled liquor
Ahumado: smoked
Ajo: garlic
Albóndiga: meatball
All i oli (alioli): catalan garlic mayonnaise
: clams
Almendra: almond
Anchoa: anchovy
Anguila: eel
Ancas de rana: frog's legs
Anís: a strong grape spirit flavored with aniseed
Arroz: rice
Asado: roast
Atún: tuna
Azúcar: sugar
Banderilla: an appetizer on a skewer
: aubergine or eggplant
Bocadillo: a sandwich, usually on a crisp white breadroll
Bogavante: lobster
Bollo: bread roll
Bacalao: cod
Bota: leather wine bottle
Buñuelo: fritter
Burgos: a type of soft ewes' milk cheese
Butifarra: catalan sausage
Caballa: mackerel
Cabrito: kid goat
Cafe americano: Made the same way as espresso, but with much more water, giving a lighter flavoured and more substantial cup
Cafe con leche: coffee with plenty of milk, hot or cold
Cafe con hielo: Coffee with ice. The ice and coffee are supplied separately so that you can dissolve your sugar in the coffee before pouring it over the ice cubes
Cafe cortado: Cortado means 'cut' - this is espresso 'cut' with a dash of milk
Cafe solo: Black espresso
Calabacín: courgette
Calabaza: pumpkin
Calamar: squid
Callos: tripe - usually dressed up well with complex sauces and spices
like in Callos a la Madrileña
Camarón: prawn
Canalones: canneloni pasta
Cangrejo: crab
Caracol: snail
Cardo: cardoon, wild mushrooms
Carne: meat
Carne de Vaca: beef
Carne de Ternera: veal
Centolla: spider crab, txangurro
Ciruela: plum
Cebolla: onion
Cena: dinner - evening meal
Churros: These are made of dough extruded into thin tubes with a star shaped cross section. They are then deep fried and coated in sugar. Typically eaten for breakfast, with 'chocolate', (hot chocolate)
Cigala: Dublin Bay prawn or crayfish
Cochinillo: suckling pig
Cocido: Wholesome stew, predominantly consisting of chick peas, cabbage, chorizo, blood sausage or pudding and vegetables, stewed in broth. Chicken, beef or pork varieties exist also. Usually, a bowl of the broth is first eaten as a soup appetizer, followed by the solids. (See the list of special cocido restaurants).
Col: cabbage
Coliflor: cauliflower
Concha: clam
Conejo: rabbit
Cordero: lamb
Criadillas: testicles, beef or lamb, usually breaded or floured and fried in oil
Croqueta: A deep fried ball of bechamel (white sauce) with virtually any mixture of food, often leftovers. Usually egg-shaped but sometimes round, varying in sizes anywhere from one to five or six centimeters in diameter.
: pork
: beer
: mushrooms
Chorizo: Roughly speaking, strongly flavoured, spicy spanish pork sausage, the main spice being paprika. Chorizo can be divided into two categories; the variety meant for frying, and the type which is meant to be eaten uncooked, (like salami). Apart from that rather crude distinction (in fact, may chorizos are eaten both hot and cold) chorizo come in a huge number of varities, tastes, and spiciness.
Desayuno: breakfast
Dátil: date
Despojos: offal, variety meats
Diente de ajo: clove (tooth) or garlic
Dulce de membrillo: quince paste or jelly
Dorada: gilthead (fish)
Embutido: sausage
Empanada: pastry-covered pie
Empanadilla: small pie
Emperador: swordfish
Entremeses: starters
Escabeche: merinade, pickled
Espinacas: spinach
Ensalada: salad
Espárragos: asparagus
Especias: spices
Estofado: stew
Escanciador: the master in charge of the pouring, who must pour frm the bottle held high above his head into a large glass held near his knees
Fabes: dried butter beans
Fiambre: cold cuts, sliced meats
Fideo: vermicelli
Flamear: to flamé
Fino: dry sherry
Flan: tart or baked pudding similar to a caramel custard
Foie-gras: goose liver
Freír: to fry
Gambas: shrimp, prawns
Garbanzo: chick peas
Gazpacho: cold pepper and tomato soup from Andalusia
Guisantes: peas
Gallina: hen
Girasol: sunflowers
Grelos: turnip greens
Guarnición: garnish
Guindillas: chili pepper
Habas: broadbeans
Helado: ice cream
Higado: liver
Horno: oven
Huevo: egg
Harina: flour
Hierbabuena: mint
Jamón: Spanish cured ham. Serrano, or mountain ham, is the standard variety. Ibérico or pata negra (black foot) is the finer type. Jamón from the Sierra Morena village of Jabugo is the most sought after. No other food dominates spanish cuisine like jamón. Legs of jamón can be found suspended from the ceiling of delicatessens, butcher's shops and bars all over Spain, each with a little plastic umbrella underneath to catch any dripping fat. The meat is first salt-cured for several days, then washed, dried and hung to mature in large cellars. A suitable description of what to look for in jamón isn't possible here, but it would be a mistake to leave the country without paying one's respects to this delicacy.
Jérez: sherry
Judías: beans
Kokotxas: delicate pendulums of flesh growing in the throat of hake or cod
Langosta: rock lobster
Leche: milk
Lechuga: lettuce
Lengua: tongue - beef, veal, pork, lamb are used
Lomo: loin of pork
Laurel: bay leaf
Lenguado: sole
Lenteja: lentil
Liebre: hare
Lombrada: red cabbage
Lubina: seabass
Limón: lemon
Manteca: lard
Mantequilla: butter
Manzanas: apples
Manzanilla: sherry
Mariscos: shellfish
Mayonesa: Mayonnaise
Mazapán: marzipan
Melocotón: peach
Melón: melon
Membrillo: quince
Menú del día: menu of the day
Mercado: market
Merienda: late afternoon snack
Merluza: hake
Mero: grouper (fish)
Mejillón: mussel
Mollejas: sweetbreads
Miel: honey
Morcilla: blood pudding or sausage
Nabos: turnips
Naranja: orange
Nata: cream
Nuez (Nueces): nut (nuts)
Nuez moscada: nutmeg
Navaja: razor clam
Nécora: small boxlike crab
Nueva cocina: new style of cooking, a spanish version of nouvelle cuisine led by the chefs in the Basque Country and Catalonia.
Nyora: sweet dried pepper
Oca: goose
Ostra: oyster
Queso: cheese
Quisquillas: small shrimps
Paella: the classic Valencian rice dish cooked in a broad flat pan, the paellera, from which it derives its name. There are lots of variations.
Paloma: pigeon or dove
Palometa: pompano (fish)
Pan: bread - Panadería: bakery
Panceta: fatty pork or streaky bacon
Patata: potato
Pato: duck
Pavo: turkey
Parrila: grill
Pascua: Easter
Pastel: pie or pastry
Pepino: cucumber
Perejil: parsley
Perdiz: partridge
Percebes:rock or goose barnacles
Pescado: fish
Pimienta: pepper (as in peppercorns)
Pimiento: sweet bell pepper
: braised sweet pepper and aubergine stew, sometimes served with a fried egg on top. Variations such as "Pisto de Calabacín" emphasise courgettes or zucchini instead of red peppers
Pollo: chicken
Porras: Like churros, but thicker, and more doughy
Puerros: leeks
Pulpo: octopus
Pipirrana: ajumble with sautéed red peppers
Piña: Pineapple
Pinchos - pintxos: small snacks served as tapa.
Pincho moruno: small kebab
Plátano: banana
Priorato: a wine demarcation region
Puchero: boiled dinner, hot pot
Puerros: leeks
Raciones: large cold platters of meat, rather like a large version of a tapa, served in bars
Roscos: doughnut cakes or buns
Rebozado: batter-dipped and fried
Rabo: tail (meat cut)
Rodaballo: Turbot
Riñones: kidneys
Rape: angler or monkfish
Rebozado: batter-dippled and deep or shallow-fried
Remolacha: beet
Repollo: cabbage
Revueltos: (scrambled egg)
Sal: salt
Salsa: sauce
Salchicha: sausage
Salchichón: cured pork sausage
Salmorejo: a type of gazpacho.
Sesos: brains - sesos en adobo is a popular tapa of marinated lambs' brains served on toothpicks
Sopa: soup
Sidra: lungasified natural fermentApple cider many years ago became the preferred drink in this region.
Sangría: wine punch
Sepia: cuttlefish
Seta: wild mushrooms
Solomillo: tenderloin of meat
Sopa: soup
Suizos: sweet bread
Taberna: tavern
Tarta: cake
Tapas: appetizers, small snacks
Tascas: bars, tabernas that serve drinks and tapas
Tetilla: type of cheese
Tocino: fresh pork fat
Ternera: veal
Tortilla Española: Spanish thick fried potato omelette
Tostado: toasted
Trucha: trout
Trufas: truffles, from the ground

Uvas: grapes
Ulloa: cheese from Galicia
Venado: venison
Verduras: green vegetables
Vieiras: scallops shellfish
Vino: wine
Yemas: egg yolks
Zanahorias: carrots
Zarzuela: seafood stew
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