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Chinchón: an authentic Castillian town.

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www: Chinchon city concil site

50 km from Madrid, Chinchón can be reached by buses "La Veloz" that depart from the Estación de Autobuses de Conde de Casal. To get there by car one should take the N-IV (road to Andalusia).

Of special interest for visitors to Chinchón is the Plaza Mayor, a picturesque square dominated by the local church. Also worth visiting is the old castle at the top of the town which now serves as a distillery producing Chinchón's famous anís (aniseed), as well as gin and other spirits. Popular bullfights are held in Chinchón during the summer months.

Historical note: in the 17th century the countess of Chinchón, wife to the viceroy of Peru, fell ill with malaria. Natives cured her using an extract derived from the bark of a local tree. Sold on the benefits of the medicine she brought the tree back to Europe, where Linnaeus, the famous Swedish botanist, named it chinchona in her honour. We now know this medicine as quinine.

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photo: Francisco de Goya.
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