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Not being Paris or New York, Madrid hosts art collections, galleries and museums which rank among the finest in the world. When visiting we recommend you set aside a significant amount of time if you wish to be able to get a good picture of what Madrid's art scene has to offer.

A list of current art exhibits is available and —thought in Spanish— there are pictures which should illustrate the subject enough.

Madrid has a fairly large cultural scene. Several online resources offer cinema, music, dance and theatre listings, including quite an extensive amount of cinemas which offer films in their original version (look for V.O.) language.

You can read details on the background of the cultural tradition of bullfighting, plus where best to go and see it for yourself. It is still one of the major tourist attractions, despite its "non-P.C." label. Also, check out other aspects of local culture like flamenco dancing.

Reinha Sofía Museum
Reina Sofía Museum

Guernica Picasso Madrid
The Guernica at the Reina Sofía Museum

Arte Madrid
Galleries Asociation