Accommodation in Madrid

Madrid region has an important accomodation offer, with a hotel capacity of up to 50.000 visitors, 24.000 of which in four and five stars hotels.

Madrid Hotels cover a wide variety of styles and rates, to cater for all types of visitors and needs. They provide all the facilities and services to try and make one feel at home.

You can also stay in tourist apartments, youth hostels, camping sites in the outskirts of the city, or try the rural houses in the region of Madrid.

In our Softguides pages we have listed a number of accommodation possibilities to choose from. You may select setting your own preferences according to location, type of lodging, facilities included and prices.
Hotels in Spain are officially classified by the government from 3 to 5 stars.
We feel that this does not always accurately reflect the quality of a given hotel, though can be used as an indication of the level of service one should expect. Hostels and pensiones are usually classified from 1 to 3 stars. They vary in quality from austere to relatively comfortable. They are usually run by a family. Pensiones encompass much of the cheapest accommodation, and are most commonly used by young people who forego comfort for the 'experience'. Hostels tend to overlap with the middle and lower end hotels in terms of the creature comforts they provide, but don't generally provide quite as many services.
To a large extent, which accommodation you choose is determined by how long you are going to stay - and how much you are prepared to pay for the pleasure. If price is your main concern, then you can choose from the cheap accommodation list in the heart of Madrid.

We believe all of the following hotels and hostels provide above average value in their respective price range. However, if your experience suggests otherwise, please let us know!
Reserve a hotel or apartment in Madrid, easily and securely with guaranteed discounts, and you will receive instant confirmation of your reservation online.
We work directly with hotels to enable them to sell their rooms online, which means we bring the best rates and special offers to you.



  1. Introduce your arrival and departure dates and search availability.
  2. Choose lodging using with your own preferences: location, type of lodging, facilities available, and prices
  3. Select type of room and set number of people
  4. Introduce your personal data and any special requirements you may have
  5. Give your credit card details to pay the deposit necessary to proceed to the booking. This amount is deduced from the total payment.
  6. Your booking is then accomplished: you get a confirmation email and also a SMS if you wish.
  7. And that's all..... have a nice trip, and welcome to Madrid.


In your confirmation email there is a link to proceed to the cancellation.
The deposit is not refundable. If the reasons of your cancellation are justifiable enough, we can consider the case.
Take notice of cancellation policies in the lodging you choose to avoid extra charges.

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