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Barcelona's owes its existence to the sea: this Mediterranean port town has many atractives, and we might at times forget its seafaring character, but Barcelona is, above all, a harbour, and some sea-contact is necessary if you want to feel the city.

Visit Barcelona from the sea:

Las Golondrinas, Plaça Portal de la Pau, 1
Metro: Drassanes
Las Golondrinas are the traditional two decks boats, which have been for decades an emblem of the city of Barcelona. Generations of Barcelonese have enjoyed a ride around the port on these vessels. It is an opportunity to see Barcelona from a different point of view.
They depart from the quay Moll Drassanes, just in front of Columbus statue at the end of the Ramblas. There are various routes: the classic ones go round the port to the breakwater and back, other more modern vessels navigate out of the port and along the coastline a while.
See routes, timetables and fares.


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Catamarán Orsom, Moll Drassanes
This catamaran also departs from the quay Moll Drassanes, right behind the Golondrinas. It is a true sailing catamaran, for more sea-loving visitors. The boat has capacity for 80 passengers and customized trips can be arranged with catering, live music, etc.
See timetables at the web Orsom or phone (34) 93 441 05 37


Cruise and regular ferry lines from Barcelona

From Barcelona there are regular ferry lines that connect the city to Genoa, Rome, Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza. The crossing to to Rome (Civittavechia) lasts around 19 hours, it houses cargo and passengers. A lot of cruise ships touring the Mediterranean sea stop in Barcelona nowadays.
Information on regular ferry lines from Barcelona.

There are different options to cross to the Balearic Ilands: you can travel on one of the classic ferries with cabins, swimming pool, restaurant, etc. which take 7 - 8 hous to cross to Majorca, or take the more modern and faster crafts, and be there in only 4 hours. These high speed lines only operate during the tourist season: from mid-March to October and at Christmas.
Three companies have journeys to the Balearic Islands:

Transmediterránea: Direct connections to Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza both by ferry and on high speed crafts.
Telephone from Spain: 902 45 46 45 . - Tickets can be bought online on their pages.

Balearia : Direct connections to Majorca, Menorca and ibiza by ferry and by high speed craft.
Phone from Spain: 902 160 180 . From other countries: 34 966 428 700.
Tickets can be booked online on their web.

Iscomar: Direct connections with Palma, Mahón and Ibiza.
For information and booking, phone 902 119 128 from Spain, and 34 971 437 500 from other countries.


Port Bus Is a bus service specific for cruise passengers. It only works when there are cruise ships at the port. Timetables depend on the arrival of ships. See web for more information.

Barcelona from the air:

BCNSky Tours A ride on helicopter is the ultimate way to see Barcelona. The heliport is at the Passeig de la Escullera, on one of the breakwaters. You can get there crossing the bridge Porta de Europa to the dock Moll de Ponent. Customized flights are possible for events, conventions, etc. Information and reserves: (34) 93 224 07 10