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Pedralbes is today the most luxurious residential area inside the city of Barcelona, with big mansion houses -old and new.
The queen Elisenda de Montcada decided to build a Monastery for nuns in the area in 1327. It is considered a jewel of Catalan Gothic architecture. Thanks to its excellent state of conservation we can see the bedrooms, kitchen, the infirmary and the refectory just as they were centuries ago. The most prominent room is the Capella de Sant Miquel, with mural paintings of Ferrer Bassa. Today the monastery has been absorbed by the ever growing city, but the now small community of Clarisa nuns is still there, luckily the residential character of the area has preserved some of the peace and silence that characterizes their order.

In the area you can also visit the Palacio Real de Pedralbes and its gardens, at the Diagonal Avenue. It was a royal residence between 1919 and 1929 that was opened up to the public in 1937 to install the Museum of the Decorative Arts that displays, among other things, furniture from the time. There is also a Ceramic Museum with Catalan and Arab pieces, and works by Picasso and Miró.

In front of the Palau Reial, across the Diagonal is the University of Barcelona, and behind it are the gardens of the Palau Reial, on the Avinguda de Pedralbes, is the entrance to the finca Güell whose beautiful wrough iron gates and railings are by Gaudí.