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Antoni Gaudí 1852-1926


How to get there:
The Park Güell is in the upper side of the Gràcia district, next to the area of El Carmel, at the carrer d'Olot, no number.
The closest metro stations are Vallcarca and Lesseps. From any of them there is a 15 - 20 min. walk to get to the park. (See map)
The bus nº 24 leaves you right at the park, at the side entrance in Carmel road, you can get this bus on Plaza Catalunya.

More information about timetables and access, at the city's webpage about the park.

This park designed by Gaudí, was commissioned by his friend and patron Eusebi Güell. The intention was to create a utopian city-garden in the outskirts of the city. Due to lack of funds, only two houses were built during the lifetime of the project, carried out between 1900 and 1914. But some of the structures ot it had already been put up, enough to make of it one of the most appealing places in Barcelona, worth of being declared by the UNESCO a world's heritage site.

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At the main entrance we have those two houses, one on each side. They are inspired in the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel, the one on the right is the witche's house --it's roof is an enormous magic mushroom- and the one, on the left, is the children's, with its typical Gaudi's double cross on the roof. Gaudi lived in it his last years and today it is the Casa Museo Gaudí, which shows personal objects of the architect, drawings, etc.

These two roofs, as most of the structures in the park, and other works by Gaudí, are made with a technique called trencadís. It consists in the recovering of the architectural surfaces with pieces of broken glazed tiles, giving to them splendid colour and gleam. Josep Maria Jujol was one Gaudi's closest collaborators and a great master of this technique, he carried out most of the constructions in the park.

Highlights of the park include the colourful dragon presiding over the stairway; the impressive "hall of one hundred columns", in fact, 84 gnarled columns capriciously decorated; and, over the column's hall, the 150 m fantastic balcony with a superb view of the city. One should also stroll round the less popular parts of the park to discover other details of Gaudí's creative wealth while enjoying a mediterranean garden.